What you’re missing in your bath towels

Unless you’re a towel aficionado and let’s face it, who wants to be one of those, you’ve probably been stumped seeing either a bath towel or bath sheet when looking to buy “a big towel”.

The best bath towels range from 27” x 52” to 30” x 58” and bath sheets are much bigger for those who can’t stand the big freeze of getting out the bath or shower. These begin at around 35” x 60”.

 When picking the best bath towels for your home, there are a few things one must consider.

 Towel Uses

Aside from your home, there are other places we commonly need and use towels.

 - The Gym: A frequent gym-goer who showers post workout requires a lightweight sizeable towel that doesn’t leave moisture residue on the contents of their bag. Plus gym towels are a must as if you don’t want to stay clear of gym-bred germs.

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  • The Beach: Luxury bath towels and sheets shouldn’t be taken to the beach. There are many alternatives made of more durable fabrics to withstand the sand and sea, and the pool for that matter. Luxury cotton isn’t suited to the demands of chlorine and salt. You needn’t go for a synthetic based material though; a lightweight towel made from cotton will be highly absorbent and quick drying. This reduces the chance of damp and mold.

What you’re missing in your bath towelss

beach towels

How to know which towel is right for you?

There are a whole host of towels out there. Different sizes, thickness, fabrics etc. Choosing the one that you want or that best suits your needs and lifestyle can be a little confusing. First,

  • Check the fabric: It is important to know your fabrics when selecting the best bath towel. Cotton is most commonly preferred for its softness and absorbency. When on holiday lightweight luxury bath towel sets are ideal, instead of using cheap, over-bleached, abrasive hotel towels or synthetic beach towels. Not all of us can afford the Ritz, but we can afford a luscious versatile bath towel.

  • Consider your need: There are many types of towels to choose from, from hand and face towels to grandiose bath sheets. It is important to consider what your new towel will be used for. The purpose of use will tell you what type and size of towel will best suit your needs. It could be worth opting for a complete bath towel set to suit your every need.

  • Assess the weight: Similarly to duvets and their tog weighting, bath towels are also available in a variety of thicknesses and weights. An ultra-light bath towel will dry quickly and is perfect for after a shower or gym session. Whereas, a two-ply towel with a higher GSM will be heavier and feel more luxurious, but take longer to dry.

  • Choose your color: Towels are available in a vast number of colors. When choosing the color of your towels consider not only your favorite color but also its usage. Do you play muddy sports? If so, it would be recommendable to opt for a darker color instead of the classic white for example.

The best bath towels should be soft on your skin and stay soft which they should with the right care. If like me, you’re allergic to the gym but love a steaming shower, you probably need a nice big fluffy bath towel.

 Importance shouldn’t only be given to the body though, face and hands are important too, ethohome offer a bath towel set which includes: a bath towel, a hand towel and a face towel all with the same 100% long staple cotton and fast drying technology.

I would recommend buying bath towel sets in twos allowing you to wash and dry one while having another spare.