Top Benefits Of Luxury EthoHome Towels

"Surely any standard bath towel can handle the job of drying me off!" Oddly, that’s the typical American mindset to bath towels.

We spend lavishly on branded toiletries and cosmetics but don't seem to give a second thought about our towels – something that rubs against our skin every day when it's wet, softest and most absorbent.

Thankfully that's changing. Due to the Internet and a global online market, Americans are realizing that there's a whole new world of luxury towels out there that are better, more durable, softer and above all more hygienic.

Welcome to EthoHome Towels.

These are soft towels that are crafted from 100% long-stapled cotton. And that means they are woven using the finest quality cotton with long fibers.

Here's why we should all replace those conventional towels with EthoHome ones.

Hygienic and Essential for Healthy Living

Leading U.K. newspaper Daily Mail published a well-researched article in 2014 that read: "Forget door handles and toilet seats - the most germ-infested objects in your home are your TOWELS."

Conventional bath towels are notorious for spreading bugs around your home and family. The prime reason behind this is that they hold moisture for a long period of time allowing mold and bacteria to grow and breed.

EthoHome Towels are not just fluffy luxury towels. These towels are designed to have a lightweight body with long-fiber cotton that allows them to breathe more and dry up a lot quicker than any other average towel.

Super Absorbent

We all have the experience of towels getting wet before we are dry.

The long cotton fibers in these beautiful EthoHome Towels make them super absorbent. You can completely dry yourself with the gentle touch of this lush fabric quicker than your ordinary towels.

Derma Care. Great for Your Skin

According to a study by American Academy of Dermatology, 85 million Americans have a skin disease. And many of us on top have sensitive skin. We take more pills, eat more fruit and vegetables but, when it comes to drying our skin, we seem to be happy to rub them with old scraggy towels that once felt fluffy but not since the first wash.

EthoHome luxury towels are woven from superior cotton type. This gives the feeling of a touch of spa when you dry yourself. These towels are washed multiple times to bring out the natural softness of 100% cotton. This leaves the EthoHome Towels fluffy and soft as mush even after many washes.

Perfect as Beach Towels

One thing that bothers me among many is not being able to use regular bath towels on the beach. The EthoHome Towels are beach-perfect. They are light, easy to carry, elegant and sexy. You can spread them anywhere on the beach and be sure to get noticed.

But it’s not just that. The light material makes them sand-friendly. You can simply pick them up, dust off the sand and they're good to go.

The possibilities are endless with these multipurpose towels. Toss it in your tote for the picnic, use it to lounge by the poolside or porch. And ladies, use it as a sexy throw-over on the beach and get the heads turning.