Shocking Facts - Why You should Never go to Gyms without Towels

When talking about health and fitness, we don’t necessarily think towels. First things that usually pop to our mind arestuff like diet, exercise, gym equipment, Yoga, Pilates, meditation and the list goes on. But definitely not a towel, I think you’ll agree.

So today, I want to show why it is so essential to carry towels to the gym and what can happen if you don’t.

Gym – where germs breed and nasties spread

People usually go to gyms to sweat it out. So, it’s normal to see people in gyms dripping in sweat. And that, unfortunately, means that these places can be breeding grounds for germs.

By being careless, you can easily spread or catch these germs in gyms. It lessens your gym experience plus you can catch infectious diseases.

“Some gym equipment harbours more germs than a toilet seat, a study has found” – Business Insider.

Many members were stunned to find the hygiene standard of their gyms. Sample tests were done by EmLab P&K on popular gym equipment (from major chains) like treadmills, bikes and free weights.

Shocking results showed there were more than a million germs per square inch on each of these equipment.

So what do you do? Stop going to the gym? No, luckily there’s an easy solution.

Carry Gym Towels.

To protect yourself from catching germs or fungal infections, make sure to have a few towels (at least 2) handy. It’s also good etiquette.By using a towel you play your part in communal hygiene, be mindful and prevent germs from spreading to others.

Always use a towel when using shared gym equipment.  Use it to cover the surfaces that’ll come in touch with your bare skin.

Carry Gym Towels

Make sure to use a sweat towel when wiping the sweat off your face and body. Your hands are most exposed to germs when you are in the gym.  By using a towel you’ll significantly reduce the risks of transferring infections to your face through fingers.

If possible, you should carry 2 sizeable gym towels. That’ll help you to cover the surfaces of most shared equipment.

Before you cover the surfaces you should wipe them off with antibacterial spray (supplied by most gyms now) and paper towels.

Carry a third smaller cooling gym towel for wiping off your own sweat.  Ensure this is a good quality towel that’s light and breathable. Also, try and useanti-bacterial quick dry gym towels.

Cooling anti-bacterial gym towel

Carrying your own towel also meansthat you can have a post-workout shower and dry yourself without having to use public towels (that are available at gyms). No one knows how clean public towels are or how well they’ve been washed (or washed at all).

Even for washed public towels, CDC declared, they can carry highly resistant pathogen MRSA.

Whilst cotton towels are great for drying yourself after a bath, they’re not your best friend when breaking sweat. They make you sweat even more and stay damp for hours. Always try and use a cooling gym towel. These are made from bamboo and polyester which will help you to stay cool and dry up rapidly.

Hope this article helped you see the importance of carrying your own towels to the gym. Do you have any suggestions on gym hygiene? Please share your thoughts with us.