Important Differences Between A Face Towel And A Hand Towel

For a lot of people, towels are just a necessity. We often don't give a lot of thought to the fabric, sizes, quality or brand when buying new towels, and we definitely don't care about the differences between different types of towels.

But the truth is that towels are much more than a commodity, they should be a luxury. Towels are the first thing that comes in contact with our skin when it's wet and most vulnerable. And it's not just about comfort either – quality towels should be able to dry quickly and keep bacteria away from our bodies.

That's why it's important to keep the right towels in our bathroom.

So today, we're going to talk about the differences between a face towel and a hand towel. Although many people don't even see the distinction and use them interchangeably, these two types are actually very different.

Hand towels are larger than face towels.

Hand towels are usually from 16" x 28" to 18" x 30" while face towels, or washcloths, are much smaller in size – around 13" x 13".

When buying face towels and hand towels, their size is the easiest way to make a distinction between them. You don't even need to bring a tape measure; the difference is quite obvious and it will make your shopping easier.

Face towels should be softer and hand towels more resilient.

Another important factor to consider is the fabric. The skin on our face and our hands is completely different and requires a different type of care.

Since our face is very sensitive, it needs a gentle touch. That's why a face towel needs to be soft and made out of natural fiber. The best choice would be Turkish cotton because it's organic, soft and highly absorbent but it's still resilient and easy to wash.

Our hands are not as sensitive as our face, but they still need a lot of care since we wash them much more often during the day. Drying them with hygienic and natural fiber is super important. Turkish cotton and bamboo blends are great for hand towels because they're gentle but resilient enough for frequent use and frequent washing.

They should be used for specific purposes.

Since many of us don't pay much attention to our towels, we often end up using the same towel for several purposes. This should be a big no-no. Different parts of our body require different care and we should never let the dirt from our hands or bodies get on our face.

That's why you need to have a hand towel and a face towel ready in your bathroom. Besides, you should make it your mission to have a special hand towel for your guests, so that they don't end up using your washcloth or your bath towel to dry their hands, which is completely unsanitary.

Face towels require more care.

Your face needs a quality face towel, and your face towel needs quality care. Make sure you change your face towels more frequently than your other towels precisely because they are meant to dry the most sensitive part of your body – your face.

Wash them often and make sure you air dry them so that they stay fresh and keep their softness for a long time.

 Although you don't need to know every single difference between a face towel and a hand towel, what's important to remember is that they both have a specific purpose and should be used as intended. Your body deserves great care and towels are an important part of keeping your skin healthy, youthful and soft.

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