How To Buy The Best Gym Towel Ever

You’re running against the clock, you’ve got 60 minutes in the gym to burn the extra flab and transform your torso in 4 weeks.

Over the next hour, you’ll be turning your body into a fat burning machine for the best payoff. As a result, within minutes you start to get that unpleasantness of sweat trickling down your face and neck. Next, you’re soaked in sweat and feel repulsive. We’ve all been there.

There’s no point in mincing words, sweating profusely is unpleasant, especially in the company of others who we might potentially fancy at some point.

The Solution? Gym towels, right?

But wait!!

If you’re serious about fitness, then get real about the fabric that will rub against your face and body when they’re wet, soft and breathing heavily. You want to come out of the gym feeling awesome and not giddy from perspiration and gym-bred germs.

Gyms can be breeding grounds for germs. Business Insider revealed some gym equipment harbor more germs than a toilet seat. And this includes several upscale gyms with costly memberships.

How to choose the best towel for your gym?

Size and weight

This is of prime importance. Your gym towel should not be too massive or too small. You should be able to comfortably throw it around your neck and carry it around.

Many prefer thick fluffy heavier towels that last longer. But you should avoid these at all costs as they easily trap moisture and harbor bacteria. Also, avoid super thin towels as they don’t absorb well and simply won’t dry you well enough.

Buy towels with a medium thickness that you can neatly roll into your gym bag and fit into your locker, ones that are neither too large nor heavy. Pick something in between that’s comfortable to carry around in the gym.

Material (Important)

 Gym towels these days are made out of a varietyof materials. Manyof them are cheap synthetics and should be avoided at all terms. Manufacturers will swear by anything that their hybrid synthetics are best suited for workouts. The truth is, they’re NOT.

Choose natural fibers. Stick to soft absorbent cotton towels when you’re working out. Most cotton towels are absorbent and dry quickly. They also provide gentle natural touch to your skin when it’s wet, warm and exposed.

The one thing to remember is that your gym towel should ideally be woven from 100% long-stapled cotton. This is why Turkish towels have become such a hit with Yoga centers.

get your perfect gym towel


This is given. If your gym towels don’t absorb sweat, save it as a yoga mat for outdoors. Good workout towels should be able to keep you dry throughout your entire workout.

The trouble is, many absorbent towels hold moisture deep inside the long loops and nest germs. These are not easily removed and need a good wash cycle after each use.

Try to buy super absorbent ‘quick dry’ towels. Any towel that can air-dry quickly will reduce the chance of breeding mold and microscopic bacteria.

 It does not have to be called a ‘Gym towel’

I have bought and tried almost every ‘gym towel’ you can imagine under the sun. Well, maybe not all but you get the point. And most have disappointed me. Especially, the ‘value’ towels.

The fact is, you need to invest in a good towel and not necessarily one called a ‘gym towel’. Quality made towels last much longer than cheap ones (that wear off and look ugly after a few washes). They also help keep you dry throughout your workout session.  Make sure your workout towels are light, made of cotton, absorbent and are quick-dry.