How Weighted Blankets Can Help - Anxiety Impacts on Family

Life is good at placing hurdles in our path, and rarely fails to take us by surprise. Even the strongest of us can be affected by anxiety at some point or another. For some of us it will be a single bout, but for others it will be an ongoing ordeal that we strive to overcome. Anxiety can engulf us at any point in our lives, and least when we expect it.

Whilst an anxiety disorder may be triggered by the usual stresses of life such as work, family and health issues. It can also arise when we think that we are coping well with a huge burden or sudden change. The loss of a loved one or even a job, a big move or a divorce, to name but a few.

Anxiety can also succeed the event and hit us when we think life has improved, shocking us with feelings of nervousness and irritability, sudden fear and panic attacks, increased heart rate and palpitations, fatigue and insomnia among others.

We may like to believe that the symptoms of our anxiety extend no further than our immediate selves, however, the effect of having a loved one who suffers from anxiety can greatly impact our family.

You are not alone.

Anxiety 'affects 6.8 million adults' in the US in any given year, but can affect just as many children too, with the risk being 'highest between childhood and middle age'.

With such statistics, we must turn to remedies and find coping mechanisms such as weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia to help reduce crippling feelings of fear and panic.

How can anxiety disrupt family life?

Anxiety causes stress and the combination of these two is often toxic that can leave one in emotional and physical tatters.

Having an anxiety disorder can affect our loved ones in a multitude of ways. It often hurts them instead of encouraging love, care and understanding that we so desperately need.

Anxiety can affect our interpersonal relationships with our family. It can disrupt the stability in our homes (especially for me as Mother Hen) and it can trigger stress for everyone. It is said that ‘entire families can experience anxiety together’. Even if anxiety is initially experienced by one family member, it can ultimately 'bleed into the entire family system'.

To improve family life when suffering from anxiety, it is important to help the person feel validated and less alone with the anxiety’ and to ensure that the entire family can come together and normalize the anxiety through discussions.

How do therapeutic Gravis Blankets reduce anxiety?

The GRAVIS BLANKET is a specially designed weighted blanket created with sufferers of anxiety in mind. It is the ‘ultimate sleep solution’ and greatly reduces insomnia and fatigue, allowing us to cope better with the day ahead. It is made from high-quality cotton; making it both soft and breathable.

The benefits of the weighted blanket for anxiety is supported by the science of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP).The role of the Gravis weighted blanket is to distribute gentle pressure on the body which in turn reduces activity in the nervous system making for a restful night’s sleep and a reduction of the symptoms associated with anxiety.

The weighted blanket for anxiety and insomnia encourages the production of serotonin and dopamine whilst reducing cortisol levels.

These therapeutic weighted blankets are beneficial to everyone from children to adults and have proven to greatly improve sleep and reduce anxiety levels by mimicking the healing properties of a great big hug.