All You Need to Know How to Choose the Best Bath Towels

With the cold weather upon us, and Christmas fast approaching, we once again bring out all our seasonal comforts; our one sizes, our fluffy dressing gowns, our slippers and of course our opulent bath towel sets. All of which aids to keep us warm during such chilly days.

Once winter arrives, we dream of nothing more than bubble baths and hot showers to rid us of the cold after a long day. They do the trick for the time we are submerged in the warm water, thawing our frozen bones. Temporarily allowing us to feel sheer bliss, that is until we are faced with getting out (something that we all dread).

I think most of us can admit to knowing very little about bath towel sets even though they are a crucial daily staple.

Here are some pointers that will help you pick the best bath towel for yourself in a snap.

Cotton Vs Synthetic Fibre

The materials that our towels are made from make all the difference to our drying experience. We want to emerge from the bathroom feeling warm and pampered, wrapped in a luxurious cotton bath sheet that not only has high absorbency but also dries quickly.

Unfortunately, synthetic fibre towels, although cheaper, have wholly different properties from the cotton bath towel sets. They are less absorbent, and their initial fluffiness disperses soon after the first wash, not to mention that awful static cling. Lastly, do we really want to treat our sensitive skin with a towel that breeds bacteria and is made from plastic and oil by-products’?

Bath sheets Vs Bath Towels

For the confused buyer standing in the towel aisle, too frequent is the battle between picking the large bath sheet (59” x 78”) or the 28” x 55” bath towel.

How can we decide which is the best bath towel for us?

If you are constantly on the go, then, the lightweight, fast drying bath towel is the best fit for you and comes available in our towel set along with 1x hand towel and 1x face towel.

But then again, if you are looking for extra warmth, greater size and more comfort on a cold wintry evening then the super soft bath sheet will complete your after-shower routine.

Hand Towels Vs Face Towels

Whilst the difference between these two may appear self-explanatory and straightforward, there is some difference and crossover between how we can use these towels.

Of course, we commonly use hand towels (14” x 30”) to dry our hands and these are useful in the kitchen as well as the bathroom, but aside from drying hands, we may use them to wipe our faces.

Face towels, on the other hand, can be used in more ways than just as a face cloth or washcloth for the body. Using face towels as hand towels is fast growing in popularity.

You may have seen a neat pile of face towels beside the sink in someone’s home, and a pretty wicker basket underneath to collect the used towels. This is deemed more hygienic as the face towels have a single use before they are washed again and are not splattered with toothpaste like some of our more frequently used hand towels.

Remember: In order to pick the best bathroom towels for you and your family; consider: material, softness, absorbency and size. But don’t ignore hygiene. Plush towels that stay damp for hours are breeding grounds for germs. Make sure your family towels are fast-drying and antibacterial.