5 Reasons Why You Need A Weighted Blanket In Your Life

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for our bodies in more than one way. Sure, it's important to rest and recharge our batteries for the next day, but quality sleep has numerous benefits for our mental and physical health that you probably don't even know about.

The best and quickest way to improve your night's rest immediately and reap all the benefits of quality sleep is a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket triggers something called Deep Touch Pressure, which has multiple health benefits, including stress relief, reducing anxiety and improving focus.

The optimal weighted blanket should weigh at least 10% of your own weight to have the full impact and deliver all those benefits you're expecting.

So, here are 5 reasons why you'll want to replace your regular cover with a weighted blanket.

  1. Better Night's Sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia or have trouble relaxing at night, always tossing and turning for hours before you finally fall asleep? A weighted blanket can help you turn your bedroom into a sleep oasis and forget about these problems forever.

Weighted blankets are designed to have a soothing effect on the body by recreating the feeling of being held or hugged. This helps you fall asleep more easily and reduces restlessness during the night, resulting in longer periods of deeper sleep.

This means you can finally sleep like a baby. Literally.

  1. Stress Relief

The main cause of stress is the hormone called cortisol, also called the "stress hormone." Although cortisol production is necessary, making us more active, motivated and alert, high levels of cortisol also put our bodies under a huge amount of pressure and even lead to chronic diseases, obesity and weight gain.

A weighted blanket keeps your cortisol levels in check thus reducing the stress and making you calmer during sleep, but also during the day.

  1. Reduces Anxiety

Cozying up with a weighted blanket at night, or even just for a short while when you need some comfort during the day, can significantly alleviate anxiety.

Deep touch pressure stimulation affects directly the central nervous system, improving its functionality but also calming the body down. In fact, a study has shown that 63% of people who used weighted blankets reported lower levels of anxiety.

  1. Increases Happiness

When we tell you that a Gravis weighted blanket can make you happier, you'll probably be a little skeptical at first, but it's true.

Weighted blankets trigger the release of the happiness hormones, namely serotonin and dopamine. This means that wrapping yourself in a weighted blanket even for a few minutes can have a positive effect on your mood, cheering you up whenever you need a boost.

  1. Soothes Behavior Disorders

Children with ADHD, OCD and autism can also immensely benefit from a weighted blanket. Aside from releasing the happiness hormones which improve the mood and reduce anxiety, deep touch pressure stimulation can also serve as part of the therapy with certain disorders.

Snuggling up with a weighted blanket can help alleviate the symptoms of these disorders as well as help your little ones improve their focus and performance in school.


Ready to experience all the benefits of a weighted blanket and deep touch pressure stimulation? Replace your old blanket with the luxurious Gravis weighted blanket and you'll never want to go back.